Families who join FLJDC in 2021 are those who feel strongly that the benefits of being outdoors, socializing, skill building and being in a Jewish environment in a camp setting, outweigh the potential risks of Covid or otherwise. And while no environment is completely risk free, we will do everything we can and believe that we can successfully minimize the risk to an acceptable level needed to ensure a fun and safe summer for everyone. We have put as much information in this overview as possible based on guidance and recommendations from the American Camp Association, CDC and DOH of NJ currently available. Please use the keyword search at the top of this page to find a specific topic. In an effort to keep things simple and to the point, we have not included many details most of which are only really happening in the background. If you have a specific question, and you can't find a suitable answer here, please email us at Office@FairLawnCamp.com. The underlying assumption in this guide is that the COVID situation during the 2021 summer will be as it was in the summer of 2020. It is however highly likely that we will be in a more favorable position in 2021. Therefore, it is very possible that the guidelines outlined in this overview will be updated based on guidance from the above mentioned organizations, as we get closer to the 2021 summer. This overview is a living document and will be updated as new information becomes available for the summer of 2021. You will notice a date at the bottom of every article stating when it was last updated. This is to help you understand how recent the information you are reading is and when it was last updated. We encourage the camp community to participate in helping to shape our Covid guidelines in an effort to keep things as safe and organized as possible. We would love to hear from you if you feel that you have updated information that can help the camp community. Last Update: 03/08/21


Preparations are underway for us to operate a safe, fun, in person and socially active camp experience this summer, because we know so much more today about Covid than we did last summer. As camp directors, we base everything we do on keeping our camp children, our camp staff, and our camp families safe. One important thing we know now is that face coverings are incredibly effective. In a survey of 300 summer programs that operated in 2020, there were no cases of community spread of Covid when a common sense masking policy for campers and staff was used. We also know that Covid is much less likely to spread outdoors. We are confident that we know enough about Covid and enough data is currently available to keep our camp community safe and at the same time provide the high level of camp experience that FLJDC children, staff and families have come to expect. What follows is a list of topics in brief summary of what you can expect in the 2021 summer. This information will be updated in response to new regulations and guidance for camps, new information as it emerges, and possible changes in virus behavior. We will work hard to run camp as safely as possible but also as close as possible to “Normal”. We are expecting that we will have camp with most of what we’ve all come to love from FLJDC with some basic changes to allow for safety. Our goal is also to be transparent about what camp will be like and update you as information becomes available and we are able to adapt camp to the new information. If after reading this overview, you feel that we missed an important aspect or detail of keeping children and staff safe this summer, please send us an email and let us know. We will welcome this information very much!! After all, we are a community who lookout for and help each other. With best wishes for a safe, healthy, fun and extraordinary summer Sincerely, Rabbi Mendel & Elke Zaltzman Directors Last Update: 03/08/21


We're hoping and working toward a COVID free summer but planning for a spectrum of scenarios. This overview assumes that the strictest regulations will be in effect. We'll update this document regularly. Ultimately, we will follow all state and county guidelines. The safety of our campers, staff, and their families is always our highest priority. Even assuming the strictest regulations are in effect, we can have a camp season that meets FLJDC’S high standards of fun by following these simple points: 1 BUNKS/PODS At camp, a bunk/pod is defined as a group of children with dedicated counselors within a specific division. Our campers stay in one bunk/pod of fifteen children (15 is currently tentative for 2021) with two dedicated staff, which means the staff remain with that group all the time, every day for the duration of the session. Campers will be grouped by bunk as in the past. This summer we will also refer to bunks as pods. Camp capacity may be lowered because of this to follow the pod guidelines. Each pod operates mostly independent of other pods. 2) MASKS Face coverings will be used in accordance with state regulations. Currently, face coverings are required for all staff, and for campers when social distancing outside of their pod cannot be maintained, or when indoors. 3) CLEANLINESS The camp facility is cleaned and disinfected regularly. The facility we rent has been open all year for in school learning. They have installed special filters which are changed frequently and have upgraded the cleaning protocols which we will continue to implement in the summer. That includes additional measures to clean and disinfect more often and we'll be hiring additional facility staff to assist with this. This will be a team effort that includes everyone at camp from campers to team leaders and directors, everyone will be expected to wash their hands and/or use hand sanitizer regularly. 4 COOPERATION It is likely that parents will need to take a few extra steps every morning to help keep everyone at camp safe and to minimize the possibility of pods having to miss a few days, quarantine and get tested. There will be a morning health screen and temperature check for each child. We'll ask that you err on the side of caution and keep your children home when they don't feel well or have a fever. Families should abide by all state safety regulations. We'll be asking our staff to do the same. 5 COMMUNICATION We work hard to be transparent with our families and staff. Our goal is to communicate what we know, when we know it. If you see a message or email from FLJDC, please read it!! And please ask us to clarify if you need more information. Always feel free to reach out, we're here for you and happy to help. 6 MULTI-LAYERED APPROACH The fundamentals are that we will be taking a multi layered approach to prevent Covid at camp, much like we have a layered approach to other aspects of safety at camp. Combined with masks, pods and cleanliness, whenever possible activities will be outdoors, we will reduce shared surfaces, increase health screenings, and adjust swim, lunch, trips and transportation drop off and pick up procedures to minimize gathering and have the physical distancing needed for a safe experience. Please bear in mind, we don't know what the infection and transmission rates will be in July and August. We don't know if there will be accurate and affordable at home testing. And we don’t know how effective vaccines will be in creating herd immunity before the summer. There are many more such questions, but until we know these answers for certain, we will err on the side of caution. We will also respond to current guidance and adjust our camp protocols as information becomes available. That's why this overview is a living document and will be updated as new and current information becomes available for the summer of 2021. Last Update: 03/08/21


It is possible that FLJDC' capacity will be limited by state regulations and/or our decision to reduce the number of groups in camp to provide a safe, fun, and rewarding experience. If this happens, priority will be given to campers that enrolled first (in each division). We expect that the maximum number of campers per bunk/pod will be no more than 15. It is also possible that we will adjust our bunk setup to provide the maximum amount of space for each bunk/pod. Last Update: 03/08/21



Door to door transportation, bussing to the pool and trips is an integral part of every camper's daily experience. The bus company we contract provides vehicles that are safe, air conditioned, cleaned every day, drivers that wear a mask at all times and get screened daily before they get into a bus. There will also be updated safety procedures as follows. Everyone on the bus will wear face coverings, and campers will be spaced out to maximize social distance from the driver. Since we use 24 passenger buses, we have the added layer of safety that each bunk/pod will have its own bus. All buses will have their windows opened to provide clean fresh air. Air conditioning units, equipped on every bus, will operate in "fresh air mode" only (meaning air is pulled from outside of the bus and cooled.) Last Update: 03/08/21


Every morning, before a child gets on the bus, each camp parent is expected to conduct a routine health screening on their child, checking for fever or any other related illness i.e. headache, stomach ache or muscle/body pain. Also keeping in mind any health related issue a child may have complained about the day or night before, as well as who the child may have come in contact with in the evening, weekend or night before. Please err on the side of caution. Any camper or staff member that has warning signs of Covid (either symptoms or possible exposure) should not get on a bus and not attend camp. Before a camper enters the bus in the morning, a trained bus counselor will take each camper's temperature using a no-touch laser thermometer. The health log will be provided daily to our camp nursing staff for reference. In addition to the regular items we have on every bus, like garbage bags, paper towels, gloves and water. We will also have essential items, such as additional face coverings and hand sanitizer. Last Update: 03/08/21


Masks must be worn for the entirety of the ride to and from camp. (Masks will be provided for those who forget their own that day). All campers will sanitize their hands while they enter the bus and immediately take their seats. All campers will have assigned seats to maximize social distance. All windows will be open to allow the free flow of air into the vehicle. Last Update: 03/08/21


The windows on the bus will remain open for the entirety of the bus ride to allow for the free flow of air. It is not recommended to use air conditioning that recycles air without the windows being open. Regular servicing of the air conditioning units by inspecting the system for contamination and changing filters or, in the case of metal filters, cleaning those filters on a regular basis. The air-conditioning filtration system will be cleaned and maintained regularly. Windows will remain open and combined with fresh air air-conditioning to keep the cabin as cool as possible. Last Update: 03/06/21


On long distance trips FLJDC contracts Coach Buses for extra comfort. Coach Buses will have similar precautions as our regular mini school buses. While the windows of a Coach Bus do not open like a regular school bus, each vehicle is equipped with rooftop openings that will remain open when possible to provide a constant flow of fresh air into the cabin of the vehicle. In additioon, we contract Academy Bus for our coach buses, they work with the Delos group to provide air purification systems on their buses. Installing Intellipure compact air purifiers in their charter, transit, and commuter buses. The patented Disinfecting Filtration System (DFS) technology uses a high-energy grid, creating microbiotas condition which prevent anything from being able to live or grow inside the filter. The DFS technology has been proven to capture 99.99% of all particles as small as 0.007 micron in size, which is smaller than the HEPA filtration standard and is smaller than SARS-CoV-2 and other enveloped virus particle sizes. Last Update: 03/010/21



At FLJDC, our activities are designed to be fun and filled with opportunities to learn values, like sharing, good sportsmanship, winning and losing with dignity, creating a sense of community, challenge campers to take safe risks, and foster Jewish values like helping others in the bunk and sharing your skill with others. Most of our activities will not change much and will not be affected in any meaningful way. There will be enhanced cleaning and disinfecting of supplies between groups and pods. Additionally, the preference will be to conduct activities outdoors whenever possible. A small number of programs that cannot be done safely may be eliminated or changed. Specialties (where children choose activities may be replaced with group choice instead of individual choice. This is another great opportunity for kids to learn how to function in a group and respect other people and their interests. We will be purchasing additional equipment and supplies so that there is enough to go around in between cleaning, setting up enhanced cleaning protocols, and scheduling activities in a way that allows for pods to distance from other pods. We will also have many supplies designated to each pod alone so that there is less sharing amongst pods. Last Update: 03/08/21


Outdoor athletic activities will be largely unchanged when playing within a bunk/pod. At times, when social distancing can not be maintained, or in certain other instances, campers might be asked to wear face coverings even if it is outdoors. Additional cleaning and disinfecting of equipment might be required. All state guidelines will be followed. Last Update: 03/08/21


Many of our activities have always taken place indoors. However we plan to have many indoor activities when possible moved outdoors. Last Update: 03/08/21


Swimming is a Covid safe activity since Covid does not spread through water, certainly not through chlorinated water. Pods will remain separate during changing times, and during swimming in the pool. For general swim, we will have designated areas in the pool, and each bunk/pod will have one part of the pool dedicated for its own pod. Pods will take turns using the diving board, and other activities at the pool. Swim instruction for K Juniors and Junior division will be set up in a way that children in a pod get instruction together. Any private lessons will be conducted privately. Life Guards and swim instructors undergo a daily health screening before they come to work, and maintain as much distancing as possible during the lesson. Last Update: 03/04/21


As in past summers, we are confident that trips will be a major highlight of the 2021 summer experience. We are booking outdoor trips as much as possible. Our added criteria for booking trips in 2021 are venues who use enhanced disinfecting procedures on equipment and supplies between groups, and reduce shared surfaces, as well as venues that can accommodate spacing between pods, or accommodate individual pods one after the next while cleaning in between each pod. Taking safe risks, learning new things and experiencing new adventures will remain the priority for FLJDC trips. Last Update: 03/08/21


Special days are a big part of the FLJDC experience! They vary from traditions like crazy hair day and twin day to shows, songs and cheer, color war and water slides, to smaller events in each division that are unique each summer. We know that campers and staff look forward to these events all year long. Special events are really all about creativity, and Covid will help us stay creative! As with all of our modifications, the changes are focused on pods, masks, cleanliness, and common sense tailored to each activity. Last Update: 03/08/21


Yes! FLJDC will be open even on rain days! If it is raining, we will use outdoor covered areas, as well as indoor areas. Only one pod will use each area at a time. Face coverings will be required, and all surfaces will be cleaned between groups. We have seen that this combination of cleaning, pods, and covering faces has been very effective in schools when kids are indoors all day, and will be implemented on rainy days at camp. Last Update: 03/08/21


When it's “too hot to be outside” we will use a combination of “rain day schedules” and having pods be outdoors for small periods of time. We are also putting effort into obtaining outdoor cooling stations, as well as a splash water play area that can serve as cool outdoor activities which would be used by one pod at a time. Last Update: 03/08/21



Lunch at FLJDC is fun, with yummy kid friendly food that is also nutritious, kids always look forward to lunch at camp. The caterer that we contract has agreed to provide a similar menu of hot lunch and divide the food for each pod. This way, each pod can eat lunch with their own bunk/pod and partake from food packaged at the caterer’s kitchen and opened only by the pods staff. Each room will also have their own bottled water for lunch. Snacks will be served in a similar way, each bunk/pod will have their own package/box of snacks. Lunch time at camp is always fun, with cheers and songs. We will keep this tradition going in each pod. Last Update: 03/08/21


Birthdays at camp will be celebrated almost entirely as in the past. The children will have the party with their bunk/pod. Trader Joe's Ice pops will be the birthday treat you order. Last Update: 03/09/21



Health center policies are extremely difficult to predict at this time. Every day, there is additional news about vaccines, testing, and therapeutics. This progress is trending in the right direction, but it is impossible to know the situation at the end of June. Therefore, we are asking for your understanding that these policies will very likely change. They are written as if camp were opening today. Last Update: 03/08/21


The most common symptoms of COVID-19 in humans include:

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath
  • Muscle aches
  • Sore throat
  • Unexplained loss of taste or smell
  • Diarrhea
  • Toe lesions
Note that colds and other minor illnesses may occur at camp. It is very possible we will have symptoms very closely related to Covid that will require isolation, missing camp, and testing. Last Update: 03/08/21


All campers and staff must complete a health screening prior to coming to camp each day. This is our first and best defense against Covid. If anyone in your household has warning signs, possible exposure and/or symptoms, please err on the side of caution and stay home that day. FLJDC will be strict about enforcing this policy. We ask for your understanding in advance. Last Update: 03/08/21


In accordance with best practices, we will have two health centers with a triage area. Those with routine situations, such as scrapes and bruises, will be sent to the regular health center. Anyone who presents a fever or other symptoms that could be indicative of Covid will be sent to the second health center where they will be further examined. The health center will have access to outdoors, with great ventilation. People with possible Covid symptoms will be quarantined outdoors weather permitting until picked up by a parent or guardian. If weather does not permit outdoor isolation, the individual will be isolated in the health center divided by a partition. All surfaces in the health center will be disinfected after each use. Anyone screened for temperature who registers above 100.4 will be asked to sit a safe distance from others and wait 5 minutes, and then be re-checked, to avoid false fever results. Health center staff will use appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE). Last Update: 03/08/21


Should a camper or staff receive a positive test after the start of camp, that individual would quarantine at home until we can confirm that there is no further risk of transmission. All families and staff of the individuals bunk/pod would be notified of a case in their pod. All members of that individual’s pod would be asked to stay at home for a minimum of 7-10 days. (This time frame may be updated as we get closer to the summer). For refund policy see the Camp Parent Agreement in the Refund Policy section. Last Update: 03/08/21


1. If while at camp, the individual will be isolated from others, in a separate area. 2. The health care staff attending the camper or staff member will wear an N95 mask or similar protective covering, face shield or eye protection, disposable gloves and gown. 3. Camp directors and immediate guardians will be notified. 4. A plan will be made for the camper or staff member to be removed from camp as soon as possible. 5. Campers and staff who have had Covid symptoms but have not tested positive will only be allowed to return to camp if they are symptom-free and have a note from a physician clearing them to attend a day camp or a negative test result. 6. The individual’s belongings will be removed from their cubby and the area will be disinfected. Last Update: 03/08/21


1. Should a camper or staff member test positive for Covid after the start of camp, all camp families and staff in their bunk/pod and the local health department will be notified promptly. Positive tests should be retested to avoid "false positives." 2. Before returning to camp, campers and staff who test positive must: a. Provide a note from a physician, AND b. Be fever free for 72 hours and a minimum of 7-10 days since symptoms first appeared. 3. Basic contact tracing will be done at camp in conjunction with the local health department as described below. 4. All campers and staff in the bunk/pod and who have been in “close contact” with the infected individual will be asked to quarantine at home for 7-10 days. 5. All medical information will be treated as confidential. Last Update: 03/08/21


Should there be a confirmed case of Covid at camp, we will work with the Department of Health to implement a contact trace. Our program is set up to reduce the size of this contact trace group since we will use pods and we will know where the person has been and how they have been in contact with. Close contacts should only include campers and staff in that child's group and on that child's bus. A camper's bus driver, CIT, and swim instructor would also be included in the contact trace. The CDC recently revised the recommendation for quarantining downward from 14 days to 7-10 days. Contact tracing rules will ultimately be enforced by the Paramus Department of Health, and may change before the summer. We are required by law to maintain the confidentiality of health information. We can not release the name of any individual who tests positive for COVID-19. We will inform parents if their child has had close contact with an individual who tests positive for Covid. Last Update: 03/08/21



Our state and local government will provide Covid protocols for wearing face coverings and FLJDC will comply with those mandates. The guidelines from the government agencies will likely come very late in the spring, and we are expecting that they may be eased a bit from the guidelines that are currently in place from 2020; we certainly do not expect them to be more restrictive. The camp will supply masks for all staff and will have extra masks for children in case a mask is forgotten or becomes unusable during the day. Children and Staff are encouraged to bring two of their own personal face covering/mask attached to a necklace lanyard. Staff members may choose a mask of their preference, subject to director approval and state guidelines. If using your own non disposable mask, it must be washed daily after camp, or bring a clean mask the next day. Masks should not be reused for more than one day without washing it first. Last Update: 03/08/21


Currently we are planning for the same guidelines that were in effect for 2020. Campers will be required to wear masks if/when interacting with other bunks/pods. Campers must wear a face covering when indoors. Campers will not be required to wear a face covering when they are outdoors and interacting within their assigned bunk/pod. Staff must wear a face covering whenever interacting in close proximity with any children or other staff members both indoors and outdoors. Everyone will wear a face covering on the bus, which includes campers, staff, and drivers. Please note that the guidelines also indicate that face coverings should not be worn when eating, drinking, swimming, or when there is any indication of respiratory distress. Last Update: 03/08/21


An acceptable face covering is one that meets CDC and health department guidelines. Face coverings must cover both the mouth and nose and allow the wearer to breathe as comfortably as possible. The more layers of material, the more likely it is to provide better protection. Please make sure that your child's face covering fits properly and is cleaned regularly. FLJDC will have extra disposable face coverings available for campers and staff. Masks should be attached to a lanyard that can securely hang below the face and easily be placed back over nose and mouth at a moment's notice. Last Update: 03/08/21



In order to reduce the spread of Covid, cleaning and hygiene protocols have been updated. The procedures focus on disinfecting shared surfaces, reducing shared equipment and supplies as much as possible, and hand washing/sanitizing for all campers and staff. Campers and staff will sanitize or wash their hands with soap and water between every activity. Shared equipment will be disinfected between uses. Additional facility staff will clean and disinfect common areas regularly throughout the day. Hands are washed with soap and water before and after every meal and snack. Hands are washed with soap and water after every bathroom use. Hands are sanitized before entering camp everyday. Last Update: 03/08/21


Our team will be cleaning and disinfecting every bathroom multiple times each day. Last Update: 03/08/21


One of the keys to controlling the spread of COVID-19 is regular handwashing. Campers and staff will clean their hands between every activity. If soap and water is not readily available, hand sanitizer may be substituted. Hands will also be cleaned before and after meals and snacks. Every camp group and activity will be supplied with hand sanitizer. Last Update: 03/08/21


In the past, it was considered kind to allow a camper to use something of yours. Though we will continue to encourage acts of kindness, sharing equipment will not be allowed this summer. FLJDC will have extra equipment for campers to use to minimize sharing between pods. Any used equipment will be disinfected between pods. Last Update: 03/08/21


FLJDC uses approved disinfectants that have been shown to kill the Covid. All staff using disinfectant sprayers will be trained in proper usage of the equipment. Last Update: 03/10/2021


In 2021, we'll be adding additional cleaning staff that will be in camp all day. The expanded cleaning team will help us make sure that common areas, toilets, rooms, kitchen and surfaces are disinfected multiple times every day. Last Update: 03/08/21



We believe that our partnership with parents is at the heart of each child's individual experience at camp. Throughout the pre-camp season, your family will receive detailed information through our parent website, email communication and messages. We value parent feedback! Your involvement is an important component of the FLJDC experience, and it helps us to achieve our goal that each child creates a sense of community, growth and meaningful interactions with their other children and their counselors. This summer, we'll ask parents to work even more closely with the FLJDC team to make sure that the summer is safe, fun, and as rewarding as possible for the children. We'll ask parents to take common-sense and state-mandated precautions to keep our community safe. We'll need parents to cooperate with daily health screenings, and to communicate any health concerns with us. We'll also ask for patience when certain procedures are a little slower than we would like due to social distancing and safety precautions. Last Update: 03/08/21


This summer, more than ever, it is important that FLJDC and parents work together. Here are some new items that we'll likely ask from parents: Complete a health screening for your camper(s) every morning. We will provide the process for this closer to the start of the season. When in doubt, keep your child home. We know that children want to come to camp, but if there is any indication of illness, please err on the side of caution and keep your child home. Follow state and local guidelines as well as common sense. Please do not put your child in unnecessarily risky situations. Consult your child's medical provider to assess risk and determine if attending camp is acceptable and/or the implications of your child attending camp to the people living in my home. Be patient. Some procedures will take a little longer this summer. We don't ever want to compromise safety for speed or convenience. Communicate with us! We will reach out to you proactively, but the more we know about your child, the better the camp experience will be. A lot has happened this year, and every child has reacted differently. Please share that information with us so we can better serve your child. Last Update: 03/08/21


Many parents often come into the camp office for one reason or another, to drop off late, pick up early, or for no reason at all other than to say hi. We love this!! Based on current guidance, we will not be able to allow anyone not enrolled in camp or not currently employed by camp to enter the building. This is to minimize exposure and limit any possibility of spread. We will set up a process for dropping off late and for picking up early which will eliminate the need to enter camp. We ask parents to please cooperate with this process.
Last Update: 03/08/21


FLJDC prides itself on having strong parent partnerships through ongoing communication throughout the summer. We post a detailed schedule online and we email the schedule to each parent on Thursday prior to the upcoming week. We have a “contact your counselor” system so you can send your child's counselor a message. Last Update: 03/05/21


Two face coverings/masks with necklace lanyards. Last Update: 03/08/21


The past year has been unlike any other. Every child has had a different experience and reaction. We want to help reduce any anxiety that your child may have. If your child has concerns, please explain to them that we are taking every precaution to make camp safe. There may be some changes to what they remember from previous summers, but camp will be more fun than ever! Talk to your child and explain the importance of following FLJDC's guidelines with regard to physical distancing, frequent hand-washing, sanitizing and covering of the face at appropriate times. Here are a few ideas to help prepare your child: We may host a getting to know you Sunday at camp in the spring. We will send more information once this is confirmed. Attend this event with your child that is enrolled to camp. Email us and share your child's concerns. If necessary, we can speak to your child with you over the phone, and explain what to expect this summer. Listen to and validate your child's concerns. It is very likely that his/her concerns are different from an adult's concerns. Every family's experience this past year has been unique. Please reach out to us - we are here to help. Last Update: 03/08/21



There are many behind the scenes changes that we are making to ensure that 2021 is a safe and fun summer for all. Our goal is for these changes to be nearly imperceptible to campers and parents. However, some are worth mentioning, and they are located in this section. Last Update: 03/08/21


The camp directors and team leaders will keep staff informed of updated camp protocols, and any Covid incidents at camp. All Staff will receive the camp Covid overview during training. There will be a general staff training session on Covid safety at camp as well as other specific points like, how to take temperature and record it, all times during the day that hands must be washed or sanitized, how to identify Covid related symptoms, how to properly wear a mask and assist children with mask wearing, how to properly isolate a person while minimizing embarrassment. Last Update: 03/08/21


Additional signage will be placed around camp to encourage individuals to wash their hands, maintain social distance, and utilize face coverings whenever necessary. Although our staff will remind campers to be safe, visual reminders are always helpful! Last Update: 03/08/21


FLJDC must perform fire drills to comply with Department of Health regulations. In order to do so, we will designate that groups be socially distanced from each other at the designated meeting locations. Additionally, all campers and staff must wear masks for the duration of the drill. Exiting the building will be in an organized fashion one pod at a time, allowing for spacing between pods. Last Update: 03/08/21


We generally have a no visitor policy at camp, aside for parents coming into the office as mentioned above. At times, prospective families come to camp for tours, and alumni stop by for a visit! At this time we will not be allowing for any visits or tours at camp this summer. This may change as we get closer to the camp season. Last Update: 03/08/21

If you have a specific question, and you can't find a suitable answer here, please email us at Office@FairLawnCamp.com, or use the contact form below.

If after reading this overview, you feel that we missed an important aspect or detail of keeping children and staff safe this summer, please send us an email us or use the form below.

We very much welcome your communication with us!! After all, we are a community who lookout for and help each other.