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Camp gives you more responsibilities than any other job or internship would trust you with, and allows you to see yourself as the best possible version of you.


You will make an impact this summer while working at camp, and change the life of a child forever.


By allowing you to engage a group, solve complex problems, and lead by example, you will begin to enjoy conquering challenges and be prepared for an awesome life.




Our main mission is to provide the children and parents of our Jewish community a safe, fun, and educational summer experience, in a non judgmental environment.


Learning valuable life skills such as sharing, helping, team work and sportsmanship by being kind and helpful.

Our staff achieve this through the demonstration of care and attention for each child in all aspects of camp, by knowing what to say and do, to encourage and foster positive behavior in each child.


A job that provides value!!

FLJDC is looking for hard working, dedicated, and passionate people to help serve the hundreds of children who come to camp each summer.


We have a tradition of excellence and attention to detail. Only those applicants who demonstrate that they are able to role model by saying and doing the things that kids need to hear and see, will be considered for employment.

This job requires lots of skills, hard work and commitment, all of which can be learned. Staff will be paid well while positively impacting the life of children and your own.


We begin processing applications for the upcoming summer in December. 

FLJDC welcomes all staff applications. Please keep in mind that we receive more applications than positions available. Each application will be reviewed and considered. We will be choosing our staff based on their qualifications and suitability for joining the FLJDC team.

The application process begins with an online form which can take about 30 - 45 minutes to complete. This form gives us a good idea if you are a suitable candidate for a job with us.


Working at FLJDC is a big commitment that provides a lot of value. Know what you're committing to before you make an application.


We hire staff who can commit to one full session or full summer, including online pre-camp training, as well as in person staff professional development.

You may apply to work for just one of the sessions or the full summer.

Click Apply Now for camp dates and more information.

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