Staff Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Fair Lawn Jewish Day Camp Located?

We rent the beautiful facility of

Yeshivat Noam
70 W Century Road Paramus NJ

The Yeshivat Noam Campus is uniquely suited for summer camp with huge outdoor grounds, a Kiddie and regular playground, basket ball courts, two indoor gyms, fully air conditioned building and many amenities which camp benefits from.

What kind of staff positions are available?

Available Summer Positions Include: More details about each staff positions

What about Staff training and development?

We feel it is our responsibility to give counselors and staff as many tools as possible to help create the most successful summer possible. Staff training is about a week long mostly in evenings for three hours, and Friday and Sunday before camp during the day for about 4 hours.

Our training will prepare you for a summer of intensive interaction between you and your campers and other counselors and staff. Training is meant to give you the tools on how to handle your campers, what to do in certain circumstances, defusing situations, how to work in your program areas, and general leadership and teamwork skills.

Orientation also gives you the chance to become more familiar with your surroundings, bond with the other staff, and learn the expectations and styles of the leadership team. Not only is it useful training, it’s a lot of fun!

All staff must attend all staff development sessions. You will receive a bonus for attending all pre-camp staff development.

The page linked below has all the staff development dates for the upcoming camp season.

Click for Staff Training Schedule

Is Fair Lawn Jewish Day Camp one big camp?

Yes, we are one big camp family. Our camp family is separated into four divisions.

  • Kiddie Camp is the 3-4 year olds.

  • Junior Division are the kids going into Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grades.

  • Pioneer Division are the kids going into 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades.

  • Adventure Camp are the kids going into 6th, 7th, and 8th grades.

And our CIT’s (counselors in training) are 14 and 15 year olds.

Each Division is managed and supervised by a Team Leader to make sure that everyone has the support they need to be the best they can be at FLJDC.

What about salary and when do I get paid?

Our competitive salaries are determined by experience, ability, qualifications and personal skills of each individual. In addition to salary and bonuses for training and meetings, counselors are provided with lunch and snack at camp every day.

It is important to remember that most people who work for summer camps do so out of the pure love for the experience of working with children and not for financial gain.

At the end of each session parents are encouraged to tip their counselors and other staff.
Staff keep all tips.

As a camp, we want to show our appreciation for the hard work our staff put in every day and the commitment they make to the kids in their bunk. We feel that the best way to do that is to pay our staff well.

While some camps will spend a lot of their budget on staff trips and other fun things for staff which results in a smaller check, we think that staff would rather get paid better and decide on their own what to do with their money.

FLJDC still makes sure that staff are well fed at staff meetings, have surprise breakfasts at camp for staff, and other treats to show appreciation for effort and participation, and encourages parents to tip at the end of the session.

For detailed information about pay see the 'Counselor Pay Rate Scale'

What about dress and personal appearance?

Staff shirts will be provided for all staff. Awesome staff wear a current season camp staff shirt every day while camp is in session. Sneakers or tennis shoes are appropriate footwear. Awesome staff also wear a watch during camp hours. No smart watches please. We insist that your appearance be appropriate for a children’s community. We also have fun dress up days which we encourage our staff to participate in!

In order to project consistency, be easily noticed as a member of the staff team, and present ourselves professionally, we have a camp dress code.

For girls:
Pierced ears are the only acceptable piercings to be visible in camp. All other piercing and tattoos must be covered and/or rings or studs removed.

Skirts must reach the knees or lower, no mini skirts please. Leggings are acceptable if covered by said skirt.

For boys:
Any and all visible piercings must be removed and tattoos covered during camp hours

A kippah, hat, or cap covering your head at all times while on duty at camp, including overnights.

All Staff:
A minimum of short sleeves on shirts, no sleeveless shirts or tank tops please, and no low cut necklines that reveal the chest.

Where can I find all the documents that I need to fill out?

The Camp Document Center contains everything that staff will need, including forms, the full pre-camp training schedule and more. Camp Document Center

What are the counselors like?

FLJDC hires approximately 60 mature and enthusiastic counselors and other staff each summer. We pride ourselves on recruiting the most skilled and caring high school, college, and graduate students and educators. While we have some staff from all over the world, most of our staff are from our local community in the North Jersey.

We are looking for individuals who share a similar outlook on the world as we do, have spirit, a strong desire to work with and better the lives of children, a passion for what they do, a vigilant eye on safety, and a strong work ethic. Our counselors are awesome and exceptional people who truly have the desire to create an amazing experience for every person they encounter through great gratitude, kindness, and hard work.

We are always looking for great people to join our team of awesome staff, we are in hiring mode 12 months a year. If you are interested in joinng our team, please create a camp staff account, and complete an application, no matter the time of year.

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What are some other policies?

It is the policy of FLJDC that the possession or consumption of alcohol, tobacco, vaping or juuling devices and drugs are strictly prohibited on any part of FLJDC grounds and is cause for immediate dismissal. In addition, returning to camp under the influence of mind-altering substances following time off is also prohibited and is also grounds for immediate dismissal.

The usage of cellular phones and personal computers are prohibited during camp working hours. These items may be used during beaks.

How much work is it, really?

Being a camp counselor may be one of the most difficult yet rewarding jobs you’ll ever love. A counselor’s responsibility to their campers is full time, all day every day. Not only do our awesome staff act as adult role models, we also are ready to observe and act on camper interactions, help plan and execute special events, mediate issues between campers, and ensure that campers have an awesome safe summer of growing, learning life skills and fun.

If you have carefully considered all of the information provided and are interested in creating the summer of a lifetime for your campers, please complete the online application. We will review your application and will contact you to arrange an interview if we feel that you may be a great addition to our awesome staff team.

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What kind of value is there in working at FLJDC?

Staff are hired to be role models of growing as a person, learning new things, and taking safe risks by practicing these skills ourselves and in front of the kids.
More than having fun at camp; activities, trips and sports are all opportunities designed to help kids learn valuable life skills like sharing, helping, team work and sportsmanship.
Teaching a child how to hold a bat or score a goal is great, but we want to do more; we focus on teaching kids how to pass the ball, how to be happy for someone on the other team who just scored a goal for the first time in their life.
We use time at art to teach kids how to share and trade supplies with others. We use lunch time to help kids sit with the kid that no one wants to sit with and help start a new friendship.

In order to accomplish all this and more, a few basic values are needed:

  • Counselors who are willing to grow and practice important life skills.
  • Counselors who are always focused on their kids and participating with them.
  • Counselors who participate in most of their kids activities, this way you really get to know the kids and can best help them learn important life skills as they play and have fun.
  • Counselors who are committed to the session or full summer and show up every day on time to show the kids that they care about them.
  • Counselors who look for, and spot positive behavior in kids, so they can praise it and reinforce it.
  • Counselors who praise positive behavior immediately when they see it to show kids they notice them and care for them.
  • Counselors who are specific in their praise of positive behavior, and also label the behavior as something positive that kids want to be. This shows kids what they need to do to be a good person.
At the end of each summer counselors come to us and say they did not realize how much of an impact they had on their kids, they did not realize how much their kids loved them and looked up to them. Counselors tell us they had so much fun being part of the camp team and have made money to show for it. To summarize:
Working at Fair Lawn Jewish Day Camp requires skills like hard work, commitment and responsibility. You will earn money for showing these skills, you will have the time of your life, make great friends, and will positively impact the life of the children in your bunk by teaching them skills they will use for the rest of their life.
Now that's a job that has value!!
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