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We are happy to offer you three options for camp enrollment:​

  • 1st Session; (first half of camp)

  • 2nd Session; (second half of camp)

  • Full Summer; (first and second half of camp)

Dates will vary by season, see current dates here.

We regret that we cannot accommodate any combination of weekly enrollment or prorate sessions.

If after you enroll your plans change and you need to cancel or change your enrollment, we will be happy to assist you.

(See refund policy)

Canceling or changing an enrollment is done by session as well, not by individual weeks.

Note the refund policy in case you need to cancel.



Camp payments are made electronically using credit card or eCheck/ACH.

Credit Card

3% credit card convenience fee

Use for Deposit and/or Tuition.


No fee added.

Use for Deposit and/or Tuition.

Camper enrollment process
Once you enroll to camp your enrollment will need to be approved:

The process is:

  1. Enroll to camp, pay deposit, choose payment plan.

  2. Complete the camper health history for each child enrolled.
    (enrollments will NOT be reviewed or approved before a health history has been completed)

  3. Approval may take up to two weeks.
    (early discounts will apply based on date and time of enrollment and completion of health history).

  4. Once approved you will receive an automatic email and your payments will be set up as you indicated during enrollment.

Online camp enrollment is more than just a time saving convenience but part of our philosophy of making your camp experience as pleasant as possible from registration to the very last day of camp and beyond...


The entire camp enrollment and payment process is done online, you can even set up payment plans at no extra cost. There is no paper work that needs to be filled out and no checks to mail; just spend a few minutes in front of your computer and voila! You're on your way to An Awesome Summer Adventure.


Returning parents spend about 5-7 minutes per child or less.

New parents spend 10-15 minutes or less on the first child and 7-10 minutes or less on additional children.


Don't have the time to complete registration in one step? No problem! You may enroll and return later to complete the health history. Keep in mind that enrollment is not complete until health history has been completed.


What will I need to enroll online?

  1. Contact information and some personal info for parents and children.

  2. Secondary or emergency contact information.

  3. Authorized pick up person (add as many as you need).

  4. Child's complete health history, doctor, and insurance information.

  5. Eating habits & food preference.

  6. Credit card or ACH information.

  7. Decide on a payment plan or pay in full.

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