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Information about all our early registration options are listed here:

Returning Camper, and Super Early bird.

All prices are broken down in detail on the Dates & Rates Page.

  • Early rates listed on the rates page are discounted from the regular rates listed on the rates Page.

  • The regular rate is the regular full price of camp before any discounts.

If you need to spread your payments you may choose to do so.

You will get the early discount even if you spread your payments, as long as you submit a deposit and use a camp provided payment plan. All this is done online during registration.

There is no fee for using payment plans, however, early discounts will not be applied if you cannot use the camp provided payment plans.

There is a $200 per camper non refundable deposit which is included in your tuition.

There is a 3% convenience fee for using Credit Card, there is no fee for using ACH/eCheck.

Please also read our refund policy, click here.



Returning Camper Discount qualifies as an early bird and is subject to all terms.
1. In order to qualify for any early pricing, an online application must be successfully submitted along with an online health form, and the deposit as well as a camp provided payment plan must be made before the early bird deadlines stated on the camp website.

If mailing or dropping off a check, it must be received by the camp office before the early bird deadline.

Each camp enrollment is date and time stamped in our system and discount is awarded based on when entire enrollment process was completed.

2. The early discounts are per child, only the enrollments submitted by the deadline will get the discount. If you register another child to camp after the early deadline, (even if you already registered one child with the early bird) the discount will not apply to the child registered after the deadline. Similarly the returning child discount applies only to children that were enrolled to FLJDC in a previous summer.

3. If the camp office does not receive online application, health history, and deposit by the deadline, the early bird discount will be terminated and the regular advertised price for camp will be charged. If camp registration is canceled at any time, the refund policy stated on the camp website and in the camp parent agreement will be followed.


4. Early bird discounts apply only to registration by session (a minimum of 4 consecutive weeks), or the full summer.

Cancellations of days or weeks of camp cannot be accommodated and will NOT result in a refund or credit for the time canceled.


5. Camp enrollment, health history, deposit, camp provided payment plans, and discounts are all set up automatically in our online registration system, the deadlines and conditions set forth here are all automated in the system.

Upon successful enrollment you will receive a confirmation email from camp and a receipt.

If you do not receive confirmation emails within a few minutes after registration, it means you have not completed the registration or your deposit has not been processed.

In this case CONTACT US immediately.

We will not be held responsible for errors unless you notify us in a timely manner.

6. If you cannot use the camp provided payment plan and need to set up a manual plan, you may do so by contacting our office, however, as described above the early discounts apply only to camp provided plans that are set up automatically in your registration.

7. When requesting a refund for canceling a session, any early discounts are adjusted accordingly.
For example, you enrolled in full summer with early discounts, and later want to cancel one session and keep the other. The qualified amount (if any) is refunded and the discount on the canceled session is lost.



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