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We hand pick our staff, and ensure our counselors are all with prior camp experience, and trained in CPR and First Aid.

Camp for our counselors is not just a summer job or a place to spend the summer. Our trained staff put tremendous care and attention into every child in their care.

We begin staff training a few weeks before camp starts and focus on the children's success in camp. Once camp begins, the counselors see the children and their bunk as the goal and success of their own summer experience. Children feel this, and it creates an unmatched camp environment and spirit that the children thrive on.​

In addition, directors meet with staff regularly about the progress of each bunk and each child in the bunk, this enables us to ensure that each child is maximizing on their camp experience.


Our camp facility, and busses are all air conditioned. Swimming is in an outdoor pool with swimming lessons provided for our Junior division, and the option of swim lessons for the older divisions. Our thrilling field trips are safe, memorable, and allow for new experiences. Professional coaches and instructors lead sports and electives activities. We are the most competitively priced camp in Bergen County​, with daily lunch and snacks included at no extra cost.

In addition to all that, there are a few more important reasons that children and parents love our camp, look forward to coming each day during the summer, and talk about our camp all year long.

​It's not just our great trips and activities, but also the way in which our trips, swimming, sports, and activities are structured into the daily schedule. It allows the children to maximize on these activities, giving them a variety each day, and keep them constantly on the move and involved in camp. Every minute of every camp day is planned before camp begins, counselors always have the daily camp schedule on hand, so there is no dull moment in camp, children are always busy and having fun.

We are parents too

We understand that you want to be absolutely sure your child is safe and is having a good time. Therefore we welcome the opportunity to speak with you and answer your questions, address your concerns, and take your suggestions. We feel that this helps us create a better camp experience for everyone.​

Never hesitate to communicate concerns for fear of being neurotic, well... we don't think there are neurotic parents, just responsible parents doing their very best!


The Camp Directors are here for you, and are always available. ​We understand that parents rely and put their trust in the camp directors for safety and fun.​ The directors make themselves available so parents can easily communicate in case of need.


Big Trip Updates

Imagine, your children are over 100 miles away having a blast with their friends, you know they are safe and having fun, but you are worried nonetheless – the natural normal feeling that parents have. Now imagine that you can actually see your kids in almost real time, get information about what and how they are doing.

When the camp goes on a “big trip” like an amusement park or overnight, parents are concerned that the children will be so far from home. The Camp Directors look for ways to ease parents concerns. We have created a system accessible only by camp parents, with constant status updates and pictures of what the children are doing at that very time.
We have received a tremendous amount of positive feedback for this!


Open Communication

We maintain constant contact with parents via email and camp app to ensure that we are all on the same page.


We have received many compliments from parents for our communication efforts, expressing that our being in touch shows that we really care about ensuring a smooth program.


A fun, easy to navigate website with all the information you need.

Color coded camp calendars that you can download for easy reference.


Weekly emails and camp app that describe in detail all that you can expect in camp in the coming week, and all that you and your child will need to have a great time. (For security reasons, camp emails and camp app are made available only to the emails provided at registration.)

When parents have questions or concerns, we try to get back ASAP to put concerns at ease.

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